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"If anyone wants to know how great the Indiana Pit is just ask me. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderfully supportive, loving and caring this group of people are. I go to a lovely church that has many wonderful people in it, but the people at the Pit dont just love me on Sunday they love me and my family everyday and have us in their thoughts and have helped me more than you could ever imagine. Thank you again Carrie Gruel and Terry Gruel for putting together a team of caring loving professionals that group together a team of pit monsters that care so much. That buff skull logo has a heart of gold with a solid cross in the center practicing the very things that i hear preached on Sundays and Wednesdays. No gossip,not any backstabbing just love, and good deeds and the type of encouragement that changes a person. I have gotten more well wishes from the Indiana Pit than i have from my friends from church. This is sad, does not change my desire to be at church and my love of the Lord it does however reinforce what my Pastor has been saying over the pastmonths. Faith without deeds is nothing. Unity is everything. IndianaPit has that. THANKS.. my heart is full of joy this morning because God has shown me there is good in humanity. Praise the Lord!"



"I'm 47 years old...I've been doing the XT Fitness Training Class with Mr. Terry Gruel since June 2, 2008 and have had great results...I've lost a total of 16 1/2" and 11 pounds to date... I've tried many other exercise programs including Kickboxing, Karate, Zumba, Water Aerobics and Weight Training and haven't found anything that works this well and I hate to miss class!!! I am interested in learning the ground fighting techniques as well...I have lots more weight and inches to lose but for the first time in my Adult life, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."


Karate has been a big help to my children growing up. Both my 11 yr old and 9 yr old started in kindergarten. Mr. Gruel is an excellent teacher with children. He is patient, firm, and encouraging. He teaches more than the physical movements of self-defense. He teaches self-control, respect, honor, humility, courage, patience, the value of hard work, how to handle adversity, goal setting, and dedication. These will be invaluable as my children pursue every avenue of life into adulthood. It has also developed my children's hand eye coordination which makes them better at all other sports they play as well. It has developed their self confidence and ability to focus. I highly recommend Sensei Terry Gruel to anyone who wants to give their kids the best in martial arts instruction.

Kendall Faull - Greentown, Indiana


Quadruple bypass at 37- May 2003. 20 years of bad habits caught up to me. 5 stents at 41 - August 2008. Another 5 years of bad diet, smoking and ignoring my doctor advice landed me in an ambulance and in the hospital. This time, I believed the cardiologist. With my wife's help and a 5 day a week exercise program, I dropped 37 lbs in less than 12 months and felt better than I had in a very long time.

January 2010. 224 lbs, defiant, lazy, depressed and disgusted with myself. Nothing fit, nothing tasted good, I didn't want to face the day; I knew exactly where I was headed. . .AGAIN !.

I don't remember how I found the Indiana Pit website. I emailed Terry Gruel and he replied the same day. Later that week, I went to meet Terry. With my doctor's guarded apprehension, I started the following Tuesday. I was sore for weeks. At times that I would never make it through the hour !

October 2010. 207 lbs., 11" of fat lost, resting heart rate of 51 and steady blood pressure of 100/60.

My goal for 2011?  A solid 195/200 lbs. and a year of training, discipline, dieting and Zen.

People constantly tell me that they could never go thru a program like XT Fitness. My response is "You don't go through it; you do it. WE do it. Together." No excuses. No complaining. The course doesn't end. It changes as your mind, body and soul change, as your confidence and determination build.

This group is a different breed of people. They come from all backgrounds. Everyone has a story and a goal.

I may never be able to perform a full push up again or bench press my body weight. But, I know without a doubt that Terry, Carrie, Andy, Danny, Tony  will be there to push, teach and support me to become who I want to be.

Thank you all so very much.

Jimmy Dyer


I joined Indiana Pit in 2009 and it has been a life preserver for me for so many different reasons.

1.     Health-all three of my siblings and father have/had diabetes, weight issues and heart problems. I had to do something to help prevent my destiny.  I was on the verge of having to take blood pressure medicine and was tired of feeling frumpy (my definition-overweight and out of shape).  Now, blood pressure is great, weight pretty good and I have a resting heartbeat of an athlete. 

2.     Lost- having 4 children, a husband, and a fulltime job,I was putting everyone/everything else first, I lost myself.  Pit is somethingI do for myself.  I can be myself, feelgood about what Im doing and the sense of accomplishment is so rewarding, its addicting.  Im a Pit Monster.  I admit it. I can remember so many times leaving Pit, thinking to myself, I cant believe I did that. WOOHOO!!!

3.     Sleep-I sleep better! I used to get up during the night regularly, now I am exhausted!  I leave my stress, worries and cares on the mat.

4.     Eat Better-why would I eat junk 24/7 knowing what I have to do to burn it off.  Also, theres no way you could eat junk before a workout and live through it without signing the Puke Bucket!

5.     Friends and Family-I have many new friends and after sweating excessively and showing them what youre made of on the mat, theyve become family.  Sure were working hard but were doing it together so it connects you. With their encouragement and support, Ive run several 5Ks and participated in the Warrior Dash with them.

Bottom Line, Ive found me again.  I have fun, accomplish much and feelgood.  Who could ask for anything more??  Thanks Indiana Pit for saving me!

Diane Blankenberger


So, I wanted to take a moment to email you. I want tothank you for the time that you have given my wife and me at the Indiana Pit. Also, thank you for your constant and consistent words of care,affirmation, and encouragement. I haven't experienced a 'gym', likeyours and your wife's that has brought on such a positive experience and of which that has been so inviting that it made it super easy to come join in on workouts. We (Corina and I) were constantly excited for that next workout. I know for myself that I always left the gym feeling hungry and eager for the next workout session already. Always satisfied!

Thank you,

Craig Garrison

Before/Afters - Indiana Pit = RESULTS!